Ms Robyn Hollis

Principal – Mr Jon Neall

At Edenhope College, our aim is to respond to the needs of all learners.

This is a place where all students are considered a valued part of the school community. We subscribe to the philosophy that ‘all students can learn’ and celebrate diversity by recognising the strengths and abilities of each and every one of our students. Here at the College, we work hard to establish meaningful relationships with our students with the aim of being more responsive to their learning needs.

Our current focus is the implementation of the School wide Positive Behaviour Support framework. Our staff are committed to SWPBS and the benefits we are sure that full implementation will bring to our school. We aim for a culture of mutual support, care and compassion, knowing that students who can learn in a safe and supportive environment are more likely to succeed in meeting, and even exceeding, their goals.

While improving academic achievement is part of every school’s core business, the staff at Edenhope College acknowledge that student excellence can be obtained in many forms. Sporting, creative and technical pursuits are not only reflected within the school’s curriculum planning but are actively encouraged as a means of enabling hands-on learners to experience success. Students are introduced to a diverse range of practical subjects from Foundation level onwards. Agriculture, Woodwork, Metalwork, Automotive, Textiles, Hospitality, Art, and Photography all form part of the school’s robust hands-on program. As such, by the time students reach year 10, most will be able to make an informed decision about their future pathway choice; whether that be through the traditional academic pathway of VCE or the practical pathway of VCAL.

Edenhope College is proud to be an inclusive school. Our focus is on teaching each student at their individual point of learning, measuring and celebrating learning growth and in considering the various circumstances, both physical and mental, that each child operates within as much as we can. We have an extensive elective program on offer for students in Years 8-10 and, despite our small size, we are able to offer classes in a number of VCE/VCAL subject areas.

Our staff actively seek feedback on their efforts. We are in the process of developing a strong level of student voice through groups such as the Student Representative Council (SRC), the SWPBS Implementation team and the Student Voice Leadership (SVL) team. These forums enable students to not only help our staff identify areas for further development, but also enable students to have a real say about what happens in the classroom and in the school.

At Edenhope College, students matter.