Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

What is VCAL?

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is an individual pathway for students who have a clear aspiration. It is designed to provide students with practical experience, ‘employability’ skills and personal development opportunities, which help prepare them for further training in the workplace or at TAFE.

Compulsory Strands

There are four compulsory strands of study:

Literacy and Numeracy
Work Related Skills
Personal Development Skills
Industry Specific Skills (VET)

Literacy & Numeracy

Your VCAL Program will include Literacy and Numeracy subjects.

Literacy is English. The content of literacy is developed around real life situations where you will need to apply reading, writing, oracy for self expression, knowledge, practical purposes and problem solving.

Numeracy is Maths and is focused on preparing for work, planning and organising, financial and developing numeracy skills.

Work Related Skills

In order to develop employability skills VCAL gives you the opportunity to undertake Structured Workplace Learning, School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeships. You will investigate work places, develop OH&S skills and awareness, problem solve, develop work strategies and explore pathway and employment options. The aim of this subject is to prepare you for the workforce.

Personal Development Skills

As part of the VCAL program you will participate in projects and activities in the community or school that will help develop your teamwork skills, self confidence, understanding of local issues, volunteering and community service.

You will learn new skills and help others along the way. Personal Development is about personal growth, helping others and building a connection with your community.

Industry Specific Skills (VET)

Your VCAL program will include a VET (Vocational Education and Training) qualification. You will gain experience and competency in a range of vocational areas.  Industry Specific Skills will support employment and future prospects.

Students completing a VCAL program select from one or more of the following VET subjects. VET subjects are offered by the Wimmera Southern Mallee (WSM) VET Cluster. A list of VET subjects offered can be found on the WSM VET Cluster website.