Staff and School Council

A revised staffing structure has been implemented in 2018. Our Leadership Team sees the return of an Assistant Principal, and two new Leading Teacher roles to head the following teams:

  • Teaching and Learning Team
  • Student Support and Engagement Team

The aim of this structure is to better address the goals of the current School Strategic Plan (2017-2020) namely to:

  • Build active student engagement in their learning within a differentiated curriculum to stimulate and challenge all students.
  • To foster a safe and supportive environment and a culture that promotes respectful relationships, resilience, values diversity and it inclusive.

Each leading teacher, with support from the rest of the Leadership Team, supports priority actions in one of these broader goals. For example, in 2018 it is envisioned that the Teaching and Learning Team will be focussing on improving Literacy achievement (in the area of reading growth from Foundation to Year 10), while also continuing the documentation through the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework of a viable and guaranteed curriculum. The Student Support and Engagement Team, on the other hand, will be focused on implementing a consistent whole-school approach to developing Individual Education Plans for students with special needs, while at the same time beginning the implementation of the School Wide Positive Behaviour framework.

School Council

Edenhope College has an effective School Council that assists in the governance of the school. School Council and the sub-committees of Policy & Planning, and Finance, each meet approximately twice each term. The sub-committees and ultimately School Council meet to develop and revise policy, provide advice and guidance with regard to school financial matters and to discuss maintenance, safety and enhancement of the College environment. They also seek to optimise conditions for students to access the best education and promote the College within the community. School Council elections are held in Term 1 every year. We welcome enquires from interested parents to join the School Council.

Leadership Team

– Trevor McClure

Assistant Principal
– Chad Frost

Leading Teacher – Curriculum
– Rachel Munro

Leading Teacher – Wellbeing
– Ben Kilby

2023 School Council Members

Trevor McClure – Executive Officer
David Bourne – President (Parent)
Katelyn Kelly (Parent)
Amy Bentley (Parent)
Jess Nelson (Parent)
Clayton Caldow (Parent)
Stacy Dubois (Parent)
Jennifer Altmann (DET/Parent)
Chad Frost (DET)
Lisa Oliver – Business Manager (DET)
Dashel Adams (School Captain)
Molly Payne (School Captain)
Braithan Reid (Student)
Vacant Position (Community)