School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

1. Common Approach to Discipline

Edenhope College has a school wide approach to responding to behaviour. As an SWPBS school we aim to provide a consistent, predictable and fair response to behaviour, and the delivery of consequences. Staff address problem behaviour in the following way:

Calm: Using a professional and composed tone when speaking with students regarding behaviour.
Consistent: Respond the same way to all students who display undesired behaviours.
Brief: Short and succinct response to get back to learning.
Immediate: Respond to the undesired behaviour within a timely manner.
Respectful: Provide a polite response.
Private: Private conversation with students regarding their behaviour.

2. Clear Set of Expectations

Our matrix of expected behaviours was developed in consultation with students, parents and College staff, and aligns with our school values. It is a common agreement of expected behaviours and language in a variety of learning environments both within the College, and local community.

3. Teaching Expected Behaviours

Our matrix of expected behaviours is used to staff to teach, model and reteach expected behaviours. Expected behaviours are explicitly taught across in the College, in a format appropriate to the level of the students.

4. Acknowledging Positive Behaviour

Staff reinforce positive student behaviour with positive and specific verbal and social acknowledgement. In addition to positive feedback, students also receive ‘Roowards’, which are currency in the College’s token economy. Students have the opportunity to exchange their ‘Roowards’ for goods in the SWPBS shop.


Behaviour Expectation Matrix