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Bus Travel

Students are able to attend Edenhope College using the school bus service which is free if the student lives in excess of 4.8kms from Edenhope College. Applications to be a bus traveller are part of the enrolment package given to students on arrival at Edenhope College. Forms are available from the Front Office. Edenhope College coordinates all bus services for the Edenhope area, including students who attend Edenhope Kindergarten and St Malachy’s School.

Parents who would like more information about the school bus service should contact the Bus Coordinator on 5585 1277.

All Foundation – Year 4 bus travellers assemble at the end of the day and are supervised down to the buses. Buses depart the College at 3.25pm. Parents must advise the Office of any changes to their child’s travel arrangements. If they are not to travel home on the bus, a phone call or note is required.

Bus Passes are required when a child is going to travel on a bus other than their normal bus or for any child who needs to travel on a school bus for any reason. Passes can be obtained from the College Office, and can only be issued with a signed written not, phone call or visit from a parent/guardian.

Bus Travel