Chaplaincy Program

The chaplaincy program at Edenhope College is there to provide pastoral care and support to staff and students. Edenhope College has one chaplain, Brian O’Leary, who works every Thursday. Brian’s chaplaincy service is provided by Korus Connect.

Brian can be found undertaking a range of activities such as helping the Breakfast Club, mediating student conflicts, assisting staff/students in the classroom as well as providing spiritual support. Spiritual support is guided by the staff/student’s own world views, faith and culture.

[…] My specific role is to assist students stay on track by helping them focus with their learning and attitude to their schoolwork. Sometimes that requires me to assist with their classroom material; sometimes it may mean I take a student out of the classroom environment and work with them one on one; sometimes that will turn into a pastoral conversation to help them deal with something going on at that time.

Brian O'Leary

School Chaplain