Course Summary

VCE Biology enables students to investigate the processes involved in sustaining life at cellular, system and species levels. In undertaking this study, students develop an understanding that, in the dynamic and interconnected system of life, all change has consequences that may affect an individual, a species or the collective biodiversity of Earth. Students gain insights into how molecular and evolutionary concepts and key science skills underpin much of contemporary biology, and how society applies such skills and concepts to resolve problems and make scientific advancements.

In VCE Biology, students develop and enhance a range of inquiry skills including practical experimentation, research and analytical skills, problem-solving skills including critical and creative thinking, and communication skills. Students pose questions, formulate hypotheses, conduct investigations, and analyse and critically interpret qualitative and quantitative data. They assess
the limitations of data, evaluate methodologies and results, justify their conclusions, make recommendations and communicate their findings. Students use biological knowledge, scientific skills and ethical understanding to investigate and analyse contemporary bioethical issues and communicate their views from an informed position.

VCE Biology provides for continuing study pathways within the discipline and can lead to a range of careers. Branches of biology include botany, genetics, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology and zoology. In addition, biology is applied in many fields of human endeavour including bioethics, biotechnology, dentistry, ecology, education, food science, forestry, health care, horticulture, medicine, optometry, physiotherapy and veterinary science. Biologists work in cross-disciplinary areas such as bushfire research, environmental management and conservation, forensic science, geology, medical research and sports science.

VCE: Unit 1, 2, 3 and 4 available.

Required Books

Biology Units 1 & 2
Jacaranda VCE Nature of Biology 1 Print/ebook/StudyON 5E [Kinnear] (via Campion Education).

Biology Units 3 & 4
Jacaranda VCE Nature of Biology 2 Print/ebook/StudyON 5E [Kinnear] (via Campion Education).

Learning Area Contact

Teacher: Catherine Craig